Her kommer det nye RC-produkter.
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RC-Tiger tank fra Torro i metall, som skyter plast-kuler ca. 25 meter (BB).
Tysk tank i størrelse 1/16, i farge grå. ( RTR = Ready To Run)
Torro tankene er kjent for mye metall-deler og at batteriet kan lades
mens det er montert i Tanken.
Brand new circuit board technology, new loudspeaker all in all a model with
superior driving characteristics, functions and best sound.
RC remote controlled shooting tank with smoke & sound.
Very nice model, perfectly detailed.
The battery is charged via a charging socket, the battery no longer has to be
taken out of a battery compartment.
- Metal base with torsion bar suspension.
- 2.4 GHz control.
- Metal chains, metal bottom tray with torsion bar suspension.
- Battery is charged via a charging socket!
- Built-in metal gears with durable gears and a better gear ratio
 for more power 8500 rpm.
- Motors with improved torque ensure more precise,
 realistic and jerk-free control.
- Hand painted tank commander.
- 2000 mAh Ni-Mh power battery.
- Torsion bar suspension.
- Rotating turret
- Metal Tracks.
- Metal lower hull.
- Metal-gearbox.
- Size : 1/16 (App. 56 cm long).
- Weight 6,5 kg.
- Ready To Run.
Equipped with shooting function and everything you need.
Charger, battery, small parts, ammunition, etc.
The 6mm ammunition flies up to 25 m wide.
No children's toys, sale from 14 years !
Controls/Functions :
Control proportional (You can start very slowly).
2.4 GHz Receiver
Forward/Reverse, halt
Forward left or right rotation
Reverse left or right rotation
Turning on the spot/Super Spin right and left
Raising and lowering guns/Gun up and down
gun turret can be rotated by 320° (160° right / 160° left)
Ammunition firing even while driving
A warning light lights up during firing
Engine/MG Sound
smoke from the mufflers.
Spring-loaded track rollers.
Shot function with 6mm ammunition.
Details/scope of delivery :
RC Tiger I. Scale 1/16 Torro 2.4 GHz.
Latest 2.4 GHz circuit board technology.
Fan-cooled circuit board
with sound
incl. metal chains
incl. metal base tray
incl. metal steering knuckle
incl. aluminium gun barrel
incl. metal gear unit
incl. new 8500 rpm engines
incl. smoke generator
incl. sound module
incl. shooting unit
Remote control 2.4 GHz
Dimensions: approx. 53x23x19 (LxWxH cm)
Battery 7,2V 2000mAh Ni-Mh
Battery charging via charging socket,
no need to open the casing.
Travel time up to 30 min.
Charging time approx. 4 h
Shooting function can be switched off via switch
Ammunition magazine for 100 bullets 6mm
Charger 7,2V-400mA German standard
6x AA battery transmitter (not included)
Approx. 100 rounds of 6mm ammunition
1 bottle of smoke liquid
Sticker set
Small parts/accessory set/soldier
Color: Grey
Weight approx. 6,5 kg incl. accessories.
Operating instructions English and German
2 years statutory warranty
New and original packed.
Ready To Run, inc. battery and 230Vac Charger.
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pluss frakt kr. 398,-